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Wild Child's Club

2601 S. Van Buren
Enid, Ok 73701

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Bar Manager


The proprietor Rick "Wild" Childs

Hails as a native from the Silver State, Nevada.
You will find him at Wild Childs occasionally.
Feel free to say hello and tell him why you did or did not like the club.


Bar Manager

Elizabeth AKA Dixie

Wild Childs Manager.
Elizabeth was born in Arkansas and has been with Wild Childs since 2008


Our DJ


TJ born in Nevada and moved to Enid in 2003 attended Pond Creek schools.

Don't hesitate to say Hi or ask Him to play your favorite song.

Adult Entertainment in Enid - Bar Staff

Big Mike

Big Mike is Wild Childs doorman.
If you have any issues concerns or just need
a token for the pool table feel free to ask him.


Lexi T our club mascott. She came to is in 2009 as a neglected puppy. She loves to sit in her chair or play ball, if you see a tennis ball sail thru the air watch out cause Lexi T won't be far behind. Don't hesitate to buy a bag of doritos to share with her.



Adult Entertainment in Enid - Bar Staff

Sammy was born 1965 in Kansas.
He is also Wilds Cousin. He handles lots of things around Wild Childs but his primary duty is DJ. Want to hear your favorite song to make your night? He is the man to see. Among his other jobs he assists in security and also maintenance so if you have any other problems feel free to talk to him about it.

Sammy left Wild Childs March of 2007 to pursue other interests in life, We all wish him luck in his endeavors!


Wild Childs Bar Staff

Larry was born in Kentucky in 1955.
  He has served in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with the 82nd Airborne.
He met Wild in 1985 in Austin Texas and became his best and most trusted friend
“Wild says if you hear it from Larry it as good as if it came from my own mouth”
Larry likes to take position at the front door to meet people and see that no minors manage to make it into Wild Childs, when you see him be sure to say “Hi”!



Tippit Professional Management
Mike was born in Tennessee. He spent 30 years in the Air force and retired a Master Sergeant. He came to Wild Childs as a professional manager from the time Wild Childs opened. He is also one of Wilds Closest friends and is like a brother to him.
He left Wild Childs New Years 2006 to go to the Philippines to meet a Lady he had been talking to for quite some time. Everyone at Wild Childs is awaiting his return with open arms. OK maybe there is a exception or two  ;O);



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